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Real Estate Auctions & Brokerage

No matter what type of property you are selling, the Steffen Group is your best option for success. Whether you own a commercial or industrial building, farm ground, recreational land, lakefront property, or a residential home, our expert real estate agents and auctioneers can lead you to a successful sale.

Steffen Group Multi Parcel Farm Land Auction

With an unmatched level of professionalism, the Steffen Group specializes in:

  • Luxury and Waterfront Properties
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial & Industrial Properties
  • Multi Parcel Land & Agricultural Sales
  • Full Service Traditional Brokerage Listings - For Sale and For Lease
  • Home Staging & Consulting Services
  • In-House Marketing Department

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Asset Liquidation Auctions

From large industrial liquidations to personal property estate auctions, the Steffen Group has sold millions of dollars of assets at auction. With a proven track record, we can provide the expertise needed to reach the broadest group of buyers for your auction.

Commercial and Food Service Auctions:

  • Restaurant and Grocery Store Liquidations
  • Major Project Marketing
  • Retail Liquidations
  • Printing and Office
  • Business Brokerage

Industrial Auctions:

  • Tool and Mold Equipment
  • Plastic Equipment
  • Injection Molding Equipment
  • Steel Production Equipment
  • Automotive Equipment
  • Complete Package Buyouts

Estate & Personal Property Auctions:

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Vehicles & Classic Cars
  • Coins & Jewelry - Gold, Silver & Sterling
  • Farm Equipment
  • Household
  • Online Auctions
  • Business & Commercial Assets from an Estate
  • Estate Appraisals & Divorce Appraisals

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The Auction Advantage

In addition to traditional brokerage, we can achieve maximum results by selling your Real Estate or Assets at auction. Our aggressive marketing plans bring the buyers to the forefront and force them to make a decision regarding your property.

Sell in about 90 days or less:
- The more expensive or unique a property is, the longer it typically takes to sell your property using ordinary methods. This is due to an often limited market for these properties. Having a specified date on which you intend to sell creates a sense of urgency with potential buyers, and helps to speed up the entire sales process.

Get maximum exposure:
- By compressing the sales period, we can carry out a more aggressive marketing strategy, providing maximum visibility for your property. In addition, we can tailor our campaign to reach the target market most likely to be interested in your property.

Gives you control over the sales process:
- You set the date and time of the sale, the terms and conditions such as earnest money deposits, closing time frames, and more. Because potential buyers know you are committed to sell on a specific date, they do their homework in advance and show up prepared to bid, freeing you from the hassle of dealing with insincere offers, prospects, and contract contingencies.

Close in 30 days or less after the auction – without contingencies:
- If you’ve ever “sold” a property contingent upon financing, on the sale of the buyer’s property, or with other common contingencies, you know how difficult and frustrating closing that sale can be. Steffen Group auctions are contingency free, so you’ll be able to make plans based on an on-time closing of your property.

Eliminate the cost of carrying your property:
- A property that remains on the market for an extended period can become a serious drain on the owner and the owner’s equity. Mortgage payments, maintenance, taxes and insurance can add up to thousands of dollars a month for some properties. A Steffen Group auction helps you eliminate those costs that erode your equity, and will often net you the highest price possible.

Reach the broadest possible universe of qualified bidders:
- Our experienced marketing staff knows how to put together the right combination of advertising (local, regional, national and international- depending on your needs), direct mail (using our proprietary database of extensive prospective buyers), public relations and direct sales efforts to bring your property to the attention of qualified prospects wherever they may be.

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