Our Team

Who are we? - The Steffen Group is a team of select Real Estate and Auction professionals that are changing the game of how real estate and auction transactions are handled. A boutique company by design, our agents are technologically savvy, up-to date on real estate and auction trends, and committed to being a partner with our client through their entire transaction.

So It Boils Down To This - The entire culture of our firm is different. The Steffen Group is the new generation of Auctioneers and Real Estate professionals. You won’t see us at auction in a cowboy hat, nor will we wear a big belt buckle. What you will see are dedicated, experienced professionals that understand todays modern marketing methods, finance options, and are up to date on closing trends. This allows for a smoother transaction, shorter selling time, and access and knowledge to the information that is relevant to you.

We’re not in the business of cutting cookies - We understand that every real estate transaction and auction project is unique. We never take the same approach twice. So here is how it works… We get to know you first. After all, our business is all about relationships. Then, we work together to develop a game plan that will deliver solid results.

Over Two Decades of Experience - Over the past twenty years, we have had the privilege of representing some amazing properties, great assets, and 1,000’s of clients. Let’s be honest—it hasn’t always been fun. In the late 90’s, real estate was on fire! But around ’08, we saw one of the worst recessions in our lifetime. While others fell, we held our ground and even thrived. Our experience has landed sales on a nationwide level, and our youthful, energetic approach has led us to be not only a leader in the industry—but the best.

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Brandon Steffen
President, Auctioneer, Principal Broker

Josh Lewis
Vice President, Auctioneer, Real Estate Broker

Theresa Liggett
Real Estate Broker, Broker Assistant

Brande Ringger
Real Estate Broker

Jill Hieber
Property Manager, Real Estate Broker

Larry Martin
Auctioneer, Appraiser

Paul DeFrain
Real Estate Broker

Craig Hirschy

Ryan Null
Real Estate Broker

Jen Manns
Real Estate Broker

Kevin Gerbers
Real Estate Broker

Jennifer Frazier
Brokerage Assistant

Ben Wahli
Real Estate Broker

Tom Horn
Real Estate Broker

Lindsay Olson
Real Estate Broker